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Having toured the world as members of the eccentric metal band iwrestledabearonce, vocalist Courtney LaPlante and guitarist Michael Stringer wanted to take their intensely personal and technical musical focus in a new creative and personal direction. Spiritbox was the result.

In 2017, the husband and wife duo sent their unreleased debut Self-Titled EP to Bill Crook of the Vancouver pop-punk band Living with Lions hoping only for constructive criticism. Instead, they found themselves with a new bandmate and best friend. Together, this Canadian trio has set out to bring a new and refreshing perspective to metal.

The Latest

Spiritbox Self Titled 2017 EP On Vinyl

We have released Spiritbox 2017 Self Titled EP on Vinyl today. We have already sold 250+ out of 500 so if you are thinking of getting one, act fast. Pre Order yours here.


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