PANICWOLF Release Music Video For “Bury Me”

Melodic hardcore band, PANICWOLF has released a new music video for their current single, “Bury Me“. The single comes from their 2018 Paralyze EP, via Pale Chord. With every song harnessing deep emotions, “Bury Me” goes in on pleasing others at the expense of losing yourself.

Guitarist, Josh Landry explains, “”Bury Me” is a piece we wrote about being mentally beaten and buried alive by someone you “love”. Whether that someone is a lover, a friend, or blood… Everyone has experienced that someone putting them in a hole in order to stand on their own mountain and selfishly watch you suffer. It’s easy to lose yourself in a desire to see the best in someone, even if it’s at your own expense. It’s important to forgive but never forget. Don’t stand by and watch. Stand up.”



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