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Since the release of their debut album, Holy Wars has experienced significant success with DSP playlisting leading them to score the cover of the highly coveted Heavy Queens playlist on Spotify as well as Breakthrough Rock on Amazon. On EAT IT UP SPIT OUT, Leon proves that she has an innate ability to pen lyrics that transform tragedy into uplifting art. Never afraid to tackle relevant topics such as capitalism (“1% MILK”), social media addiction (“MY DRUGS ARE DIGITAL”), and the importance of female empowerment in the music industry (“SUCK IT UP”) – Leon channels it all through her dynamic, soulful vocals that feel like the perfect hybrid between Karen O. (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Zach de la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine). Perez is a guitar virtuoso in his own right offering visceral down-tuned riffs, ambient soundscapes and abstract solos which provide the perfect amount of color and depth needed to amplify the band’s message. When not touring with Holy Wars, Perez doubles as the guitarist for genre-bending alternative rock artist Poppy across North America and the mainstages of Reading and Leeds Festival.



Los Angeles, CA