Skywalker - Late Eternity Out Now

Hailing from the very heart of Europe, Prague, Skywalker have begun their ascent to the top of European modern metal/alternative rock scene, having already shared stages with the likes of Beartooth, Crystal Lake and Normandie,

After several self-releases, including 2017's 'Sugar House', which firmly established their signature sound - a combination of emotional post-hardcore, crushing metal breakdowns, catchy melodies and heartfelt lyricism, the quartet are pleased to announce the release of new album, 'Late Eternity', their first for new label, Pale Chord, on February 19th.

Speaking of the album, frontman Jay Kucera says, "The record is an elaborate probe into the feelings of alienation and loneliness brought upon by individualism both in the positive and negative meanings of the word. It is a quest for finding oneself’s identity in a post-authentic world and time which appears never-ending (eternity), but also declining (late)."

The latest single, 'Charon's Song', a song which the singer explains is "a song about death, the inevitability of it and the horror it fills me with. I’m very open about this, I can’t accept the concept of death and the idea of a loved one crossing the proverbial Styx in Charon’s boat (in Greek mythology) has always terrified me so much that I felt a need to write a song about the topic. Beneath the facet of faux acceptance, there’s authentic fear."


'Late Eternity' Track Listing:
1. No Leader
2. Ignis
3. Charon's Song
4. Justify Me
5. Precious
6. Away
7. Setting Stone
8. Late Eternity
9. Through You
10. Soundtrack
11. Sand God
12. Cape Fear
13. Every Grief

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