Spiritbox Hits #13 On Billboard Top 200 Tops The Rock, Hard Rock & Vinyl Charts

“Eternal Blue will be remembered as a game changer, the kind of total reset of the rulebook we saw in Slipknot’s debut, Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell or (whisper it) Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. One thing is certain. The metal scene may never be the same after this” – Metal Injection 10/10

‘Eternal Blue’, one of the mostly hotly anticipated debut albums in recent years, was released on September 17th to mass acclaim from both fans and media alike. Today, the band are thrilled to share that the album has more than exceed the overwhelming hype by smashing the week 1 charts, landing at #13 on the Billboard Top 200 and hitting the #1 spot across the Rock, Hard Rock and Vinyl charts, #2 on the Internet Albums and Independent charts and #3 on Digital Albums and Album Sales. ‘Eternal Blue’ also debuted in the Top 20 of the official charts in Australia (#8), Germany (#17) and UK (#19). In the US alone, the album sold 22,638 copies in its first week and has clocked up an incredible 60 million streams.

Speaking on the phenomenal success of their debut album, Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer share:

“To say we are overwhelmed by the reception to Eternal Blue is an understatement. We’ve literally spent the last 10 days trying to process it all. If you had told us when we started Spiritbox, back in 2017, or indeed, when we first started our musical careers years before, that our debut album would chart even in the Top 50 of the Billboard Top 200, we definitely would not have believed you. That it debuted at #13 is a total dream come true. The deepest, heart felt thank you to our incredible fans. We don’t have words for how much your support means to us. This band would not be here if it wasn’t for you. Eternal Blue is yours now. We hope we did you proud.”

Sean Heydorn, VP – Rise Records adds
“I’m thrilled by the incredible charting Eternal Blue achieved first week. When Jason shared the band with me it was clear how special they are and I was blown away by what they built on their own. However, it wasn’t until they delivered the album that it became apparent there is no ceiling for them. This is a very special moment for the band, their fans, the rock community and the champions who have been behind them from the early days. We’re grateful they chose us as their partner and excited for the wild ride to come. This is just the beginning for Spiritbox.”

Jason Mageau, Spiritbox manager at Roc Nation and owner of Pale Chord adds
“I couldn’t be more proud of Courtney and Mike, since day one they’ve had a vision like no other artist I’ve worked with. It hasn’t been an easy adventure, we were told no more times than I can remember but we knew that with hard work and trusting the process great things would come. We bet on ourselves and here we are 4 years later. The charting and sales is not only a testament of the band and teams hard work, but a statement that the metal and hard rock community is not one to be overlooked.”

The release rolled in on a tsunami of critical acclaim and perfect score reviews. Metal Injection stated “Eternal Blue will be remembered as a game changer, the kind of total reset of the rulebook we saw in Slipknot’s debut” in their 10/10 review, Kerrang! Magazine called it the ‘debut of the year’ in their 5/5 review, Outburn Magazine called it “a modern metal masterpiece” in their 10/10 review and Metal Hammer hailed ‘Eternal Blue’ as a “staggeringly brilliant record that resoundingly delivers on the hype” in their 9/10 review.