Genre-blurring provocateurs HOLY WARS have dropped their newest single and music video “BODY//TEMPLE” today via Pale Chord Records. With their hard hitting riffs and soaring pop infused rock melodies, vocalist, Kat Leon, and guitarist/producer, Nick Perez take HOLY WARS to a brand new level as they continue to showcase their epic evolution with their latest thought-provoking track. Stream here or watch the video below.

Speaking on the video release, the band shares: “BODY // TEMPLE embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery, navigating through ego dissolution and the depths of the Shadow Self. Its lyrics serve as a poignant cautionary tale on the path to enlightenment, shedding light on how our egos and
self-projections can become insidious adversaries. This composition urges us to scrutinize every facet of our lives—be it religion, society, or our very essence—for authentic revelation and personal liberation.

Sonically, Body // Temple emerges as a formidable, weighty composition, ef ortlessly evolving into an anthem for those in search of answers. Nick Perez’s masterful guitar work and polished production seamlessly meld with Kat Leon’s thought-provoking lyrics and haunting vocals, which traverse from introspective whispers to resounding cries. The track pulsates with visceral energy, beckoning to be played on repeat.

The music video for Body // Temple mirrors this primal intensity through its visuals, escorting viewers on a transformative journey alongside Kat as she confronts her shadow self. This duality is perceived, both from the vantage point of the audience and the stage, encapsulating a gut-deep resonance.”